As Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, wisely stated: 

"Every one of us has a doctor in him or her;

we just have to help it in its work."


About This Website

Educate Yourself: This section of the website provides a comprehensive overview of natural holistic living and healing through healthy changes in the diet, lifestyle, and environment. It first explains the importance of alkalinity and how our diet, lifestyle, and environment impact our body's alkalinity (oxygenation).

Then it talks about diet: essential nutrition (both adequate cleansing alkaline plant foods and nourishing healthy fats, clean water and air, and healthy full-spectrum lighting like sunlight), what to avoid or limit (dietary stressors), and healthy eating habits. It also discusses lifestyle: essential habits (physical activity, sleep, rest, play, stress management, relationships, outlook/attitude, purpose, expression), chemical stressors, and detoxification which is absolutely necessary in today's world. Finally, it discusses a fast-growing serious threat to our health: environmental stressors like air, light, and electromagnetic EMF pollution.

Heal Yourself: This section of the website provides a healing food reference and relevant information for common health conditions and specific ailments, including natural treatments for cancer.

Conventional Healing vs Holistic Healing

Conventional healing focuses only on treating the localized physical symptoms of illnesses using harmful synthetic drugs, invasive surgery, and radiation. It's based on the idea that disease is caused by harmful microorganisms.

Holistic healing (from the word 'whole') focuses on treating the whole person by eliminating the root causes of illnesses using safe, inexpensive, non-invasive natural methods like changing the diet, lifestyle, and environment. It's based on the idea that disease is caused due to dietary. lifestyle, and environmental stressors (the root cause) which acidify the body (reduce alkalinity or oxygen) thus causing immune system malfunction and harmful microorganisms to flourish. The six principles of holistic health are: do no harm ('Hippocratic Oath'), tap into the healing power of nature, find the cause, treat the whole person, preventative medicine is your best medicine, and your doctor is your teacher. 

To Be Healthy

It's important to educate ourselves about natural holistic health and implement healthy changes to our diet, lifestyle, and environment. Diet (what we eat, drink, breath, and absorb through our skin and eyes), lifestyle (how we live), and environment (where we live) are the sources of both our nourishment and stressors, and therefore they impact our body's alkalinity (oxygenation). They determine not only our physical health (well-being and vitality), but mental health (memory, learning, concentration), emotional health (mood, feelings, outlook, attitude), and spiritual health (higher awareness, sense of wholeness, oneness, interconnectedness). Vibrant health and safe permanent relief from any health condition require a healthy diet, lifestyle, and environment.

We're all blessed with a self-healing body that loses this innate ability and its natural state of balance due to toxicity or deficiency as a result of dietary, lifestyle, and environmental stressor overload. Toxicity must be addressed first through exposure reduction and detoxification because it also leads to poor gut health and thus deficiencies as well. Toxicity is therefore often the primary cause of poor health or illness. With today's poor nutrition, stressful lifestyles, toxic environments, and misinformation, it's challenging to stay well-informed and healthy. But it's important now, more than ever, to have a proactive self-care approach and take responsibility for our own health. A true healer educates rather than medicates, and with information, each of us can feel empowered and educate others. And that's the HolisticWay mission!

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 * The information on this website is for educational purposes only and not medical advice.   

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