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Natural Cancer Treatments & Prevention


Cancer is a leading cause of disease worldwide, is the second largest cause of death after heart disease in most developed countries, and has recently surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death, including childhood death, in the United States.

One isn't sick because one has cancer, but rather, one has cancer because one is sick. Cancer is a symptom, warning signal, and part of the body's intelligent inherent survival mechanism to provide us with more time to address the root cause of cancer: a highly acidic (low oxygen) toxic body (almost all cancer patients have a pH of 5.5 or lower) resulting in a damaged immune system and poor waste removal (detoxification). This acidity is due to dietary, lifestyle and environmental stressors like: a nutritionally deficient diet, too many toxins in the body (from accumulated chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, etc), poor lifestyle habits such as prolonged high mental or emotional stress, severe vitamin D (sunlight) or melatonin (sleep) deficiency, or prolonged exposure to environmental stressors (like air pollution, light pollution, electromagnetic EMF pollution, ionizing radiation, etc.). The body needs to be alkalized because cancer cannot survive in an alkaline (oxygenated) environment. Alkalizing the body increases oxygen to the cells, decreases toxins (aids in detoxification), and strengthens the immune system, thus nourishing and cleansing the body to allow it to heal.

Cancer is a group of anaerobic cells (cells that can function without oxygen) that, rather than die, mutate from healthy cells that have become acidic and unhealthy, in order to give the body more time to address the root cause stressors that led to its acidity (unhealthy low oxygen internal environment). Our bodies are continually developing cancerous cells throughout our lives. However, a healthy immune system identifies and destroys these cancerous cells before they are able to grow and create a life-threatening situation. For this reason, any cancer healing protocol recognizes that damaging the immune system is a primary concern and works to build it back up, not tear it down further as is the norm when having conventional cancer treatments.

Misinformed by narrow-minded, conventionally-trained physicians, most cancer patients are told their only hope are the toxic, ineffective, but hugely profitable treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Most patients administered chemotherapy die within a few years of treatment either from secondary cancers or weak immunity as a direct consequence of the treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation combined are the leading cause of secondary cancers worldwide. Worst yet is the long-term, negative impact on the patient's quality of life due to poor health and cognitive function after receiving this toxic treatment.

Meanwhile, there is tons of suppressed, valid scientific evidence proving we can both prevent and cure cancer naturally with a healthy diet, lifestyle, and environment. Many proven, safe, natural, effective, inexpensive treatments for cancer are available to anyone, yet, they are continuously ignored by the medical establishment because they cannot be patented and thus cannot be profited from.


Watch this documentary about natural cancer cures ('Cancer: the Forbidden Cures').

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An effective 10-step treatment protocol is:


1. Get proper nourishment:

  • Eat small meals infrequently so the body isn't busy digesting food, but using its energy to heal itself. Intermittent fasting (restricting eating time window to 8 hours a day) is helpful.
  • Eat plant-based (alkaline) foods to cleanse: local (fresh) and organic when possible, seasonal, and mostly raw or lightly cooked (light steaming, gentle sautee, or baking). This includes veggies, dark leafy greens, raw nuts and seeds, fermented foods, herbs, spices, and low fructose fruits like berries. Also eat sea vegetables and seaweeds (very high in alkalizing minerals, iodine, and chlorophyl for detoxing). This includes foods like kelp and spirulina.
  • Boost the immune system with the most bioavailable source of vitamin C, lypospheric Vitamin C (2-4 grams/packets depending on severity, 3x/day ), and with probiotic-rich foods like fermented foods (our immunity center is our gut) or with a high quality probiotic.
  • Eat specific cancer-killing foods like: apricot kernels (vitamin B17/laetrile, 10-20 kernels throughout the day, chew well), graviola (soursop fruit, fresh from asian store or 1 cap 3x/day), essiac and hoxsey herbal tonics, turmeric spice (curcumin) with black pepper and fats to increase absorption, raw garlic (5-6 cloves crushed daily, then wait at least 15 minutes before eating), raw apple cider vinegar, baking soda (aluminum-free), colloidal silver or MMS especially with DMSO, frankincense and myrrh essential oils, medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps/reishi/maitake/shitake/chaga/lions mane (have beta-glucan), bee propolis, salvestrols (in organic veggies and fruits only), kelp (has cancer-fighting fucoidan), dandelion root, and steamed cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, watercress, kale, radish, etc which all contain sulfur). These foods destroy cancerous cells and cancer stem cells.
  • Other beneficial foods: dark leafy greens, lemons and limes, beetroot, ginger, coconut oil, avocados, olives (olive oil), red onions, hot peppers like cayenne (has capsaicin), flaxseeds, celery, dark red grapes (with skin and seeds), black cumin oil, moringa, pineapples (has bromelain), brazil nuts (has selenium), almonds, papaya, black raspberries (dark berries), red wine (has polyphenols and reservatol), rosemary, pumpkin seeds (has zinc), hemp or chia seeds (has omega 3), sprouts, radish, carrots, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, green tea (has ecgc, quercetin, polyphenols), and tomatoes (has lycopene).
  • A successful common natural cancer treatment worldwide is the budwig diet (Johanna Budwig was a seven time nobel prize nominee) which uses flaxseed oil, cottage cheese, and whole flaxseeds.


2. Limit carbohydrates like grains (and grain-fed meat), starchy foods, all sweeteners like sugar, fruit juices, high fructose (fruit sugar) fruits, legumes, soy, and all processed foods. These foods acidify the body (ph<7) so viruses & fungus (cancer) thrive, and the immune system is weakened.

  • Unhealthy carbs break down in the body into glucose which is food for cancer cells so it's difficult to heal. The ketogenic diet (high healthy fats, moderate protein, low carbs) limits glucose by using fat for energy and is very effective for cancer treatment and prevention.
  • Limit high fructose/sugar fruits while healing. Eat plenty of low fructose fruits.
  • Limit meat because it is acidic and needs a long time to be digested (and thus most of the body's energy will be used for digesting rather than healing). Eat grass-fed, organic, free range meat and dairy products (raw) only.
  • Avoid processed foods because they have little nutrition and are high in sugar, unhealthy fats (transfats), GMOs, additives, and preservatives.

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3. Detox (cleansing):

  • To remove toxins that have accumulated in the body.
  • Take chlorella, a sea vegetable superfood that's very alkaline and cleansing (high in chlorophyll) to remove the toxins in your body. Make sure to drink lots of water to remove the toxins from the body through the urine. Chlorella is also an immune booster.
  • You may need to remove any toxic dental work like metal fillings (contain mercury) or root canals (cause chronic infection) by visiting a holistic dentist, and make sure you detox during and after this procedure.
  • Chiropractic adjustments also help relieve stress in the body, boost immunity, and aid in detoxification.

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4. Stay well-hydrated:

  • Drink mineral spring water regularly. It both nourishes and detoxes. This is especially important when you are detoxing. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar offers many health benefits.


5. Have faith/hope/purpose:

  • Believe wholeheartedly you will survive.
  • Have a sense of purpose and activate it in your daily life.
  • Focus on your own needs and wishes instead of others.
  • Imagine/visualize daily what you want in the future or the outcome of your desire (we create our reality). Use as many of your five senses as you can including emotions (a few minutes a day for a few weeks).  
  • The mind is the most powerful healer (PNI or psychoneuroimmunology).


6. Keep stress low and stay positive:

  • Mental and emotional stress acidify the body and weaken the immune system.
  • Fear weakens the immune system so maintain a joyful positive attitude.
  • Spend quality time with loved ones. End all toxic relationships.
  • Do fun leisurely activities and hobbies.
  • Be kind, forgiving, accepting, and loving towards yourself.
  • Reduce stress with music, art, exercise, play, sex, laughter, smiling, meditation, aromatherapy, deep breathing, hugging, massage, earthing, daydreaming, stretching, dancing, singing/chanting/humming, silence, prayer, and nature.
  • Do sitting meditation for few minutes daily.
  • Identify, resolve, and release any mental issues or negative emotions you are holding on to. Express/release negative emotions using emotional release techniques like talking with someone, writing, drawing, movement or dancing, screaming in safe place, or the emotional freedom technique (EFT). Any past repressed or recent unresolved emotional issues (shock/trauma/conflict/pain) must be identified and released.

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7. Sleep long/deep and get good rest:

  • Much healing happens in the body while we sleep (body's rest and repair time). The body produces vital  immune-boosting and cancer-inhibiting melatonin during this time. Try to sleep for 8-12 hours.


8. Get minimum 30 minutes of direct sunlight & do some physical activity outdoors, like taking a walk, while breathing deeply :

  • Sunlight is the best source of essential vitamin D; otherwise supplement with Vitamin D3 (15,000mg). Don't get sunlight behind glass (filters out beneficial light spectrum) and don't use sunscreen (it blocks sunlight). Expose as much of your body as you can.
  • Oxygenation alkalizes the body and kills cancer cells. Take deep breaths often especially when the air is clean and in highly oxygenated places like in nature. Proper oxygenation is key to the very foundation of health because it means having a healthy bloodstream, the vital system that transports oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. It not only controls the oxygenation of the cells, but partially regulates the flow of lymph fluid containing both white blood cells (major players in the immune system) and toxic wastes (thus detoxing the body). The WimHof breathing exercise is excellent for alkalizing and energizing the body and mind, thus offering many health benefits (especially in addition to the cold water exposure). Learn more about WimHof here.


9. Limit exposure to environmental stressors like air pollution, light pollution, EMF pollution, and noise pollution.

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10. Avoid chemo drugs, radiation, and surgery if you can:

  • Tumors initially shrink, but are followed by rapid regrowth and resistance to further treatment. Daughter cancer cells are killed, but the cancer stem cells (mother cells) are strengthened and lead to tumor regrowth.
  • Surgery can break open the tumor and spread cancer cells throughout the body.
  • Quality of life is affected negatively and cognitive function is impaired. Treatment survivors experience "chemobrain" where they have difficulty functioning, remembering, and concentrating.
  • Untreated individuals live longer than treated individuals. Remissions are common.
  • Cancer is not genetic but epigenetic (linked to the activation/expression of genes as a result of our diet, lifestyle, and environment).
  • Conventional diagnostic screenings like mammograms are toxic (ionizing radiation is carcinogenic) and often lead to over-diagnosis and unnecessary toxic treatments for harmless lesions/lumps/tumors that will go away on their own (for example, dual carcinoma in situ DCIS). The risks far outweigh the benefits. Thermography (thermal imaging) is a safe, accurate alternative test for early detection of inflammation and many diseases like breast cancer. It can identify pre-cancerous changes 5-10 years before  detection of a lump, and thus lifestyle and dietary changes can be implemented immediately. Also, the AMAS cancer test is safe, inexpensive, and accurate. You can order a test kit here. 
  • Otherwise, following this protocol in conjunction with the conventional treatment (as a supplemental treatment) will greatly improve the outcome and minimize the treatment's side effects.

Depending on how closely you follow this protocol, a huge improvement or recovery is possible in a few weeks or months because the body is programmed to quickly heal itself once it's cleansed, nourished, and with a positive mindset.


For the latest research, download my cancer e-book: 

"Cancer Truth, Prevention, & Natural Treatments"


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