As a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach, I offer personalized email consulting or coaching in the convenience of your home and at any time that suits you. It allows you to have daily access to a nutritionist.

I assist with general health assessments, diet and lifestyle analysis, holistic nutrition and lifestyle plans, natural healing remedies and protocols for various ailments, info on health problems and goals, detoxification info and guidance, holistic self-care strategies, meditation info (passive and dynamic), cancer recovery and prevention coaching, ketogenic diet coaching, weight loss coaching, overcoming sugar addiction, niacin therapy guidance, environmental health and home biology guidance (protection from harmful EMFs like electrical/magnetic/RF/dirty electricity pollution, light pollution, and air pollution), optional functional medicine diagnostic test recommendations (mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity, etc), and optional recommendations for high quality food-sourced supplements, superfoods, and detox products.

You won't be getting sicker, fatter, feeling more depressed, depriving yourself or feeling hungry, following the wrong diet, eating "diet foods" or things you don't like, counting calories or fat grams or carbs, measuring portions or servings, suffering drug side effects, buying supplements that don't help you, or changing lifestyle habits that will be of little benefit to you or that you're not confident in your ability to practice.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

 Best wishes on your health journey!


services testimonial - natural holistic health

Zico provided me with months of support and natural healing advice during a challenging time when cancerous cells were discovered on my cervix and the doctors told me that removing a quarter of my cervix was my only option. After following Zico's natural cancer treatment protocol for two months instead of having the very invasive surgery, a test revealed that the cancerous cells had cleared up. Zico also coached me through digestive disorders that I developed as a result of taking antibiotics, and as I did my gut health noticeably improved at a very fast rate. I always felt very safe and comfortable following his advice, and I really loved his personal approach and words of encouragement during what was quite an emotionally testing time. Thank you so much for everything Zico! I can happily say that thanks to your guidance, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my whole life."    Eliza C., England

"I began my wellness and keto journey last year with Zico’s guidance. At the time, I was battling inflammation and occasional gout, and was ready to make a change that would provide relief from the pain I was experiencing. He advised me to do a detox and then to begin eliminating sugar and high carb foods from my diet, while adding healthy fats. I found that my body was then able to heal itself and experienced  less aches and pains, more energy, and improved cognition and brain health. I also feel it has improved my gut health and eliminated the acid reflux issues I experienced occasionally. Glad I had Zico personally coach me through this transition which has been life changing and transforming for me!"     Suzy B., USA


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