Environmental Stressors

(Air Pollution, Light Pollution, EMF Pollution, Noise Pollution)

Environmental stressors are a fast-growing serious threat to our health. Many health problems today are the result of these stressors or negatively impacted by them. They are often misdiagnosed by doctors and even naturopaths who are focusing only on the biochemical causes, rather than the electromagnetic as well. Detoxing regularly and becoming aware of these environmental stressors while limiting exposure to them is absolutely vital.


1) Limit exposure to outdoor polluted air by limiting time outdoors in high smog areas, or when heavy toxic chemtrail spraying outside (and here) occurring worldwide under the guise of "geoengineering" and exposed with undeniable proof at the UN), and in radioactive areas (esp. from Japan's ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster). As of early 2015, the Fukushima radiation (from the triple meltdown in 2011) has reached the North American coast and is causing an alarming mass die-off of marine animals and birds. This phone application will turn your phone into a Geiger Counter. Regular detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation is necessary. Sea vegetables like spirulina, fermented foods (or probiotics), and medicinal mushrooms are the most protective foods against radiation and environmental pollutants. Also, limit exposure to indoor polluted air by having air filtering plants in the house (like philodendrons, snake plants, christmas cactus, areca palm, lady palm, bamboo palm, ferns, etc.) or with a good quality air filter and ionizer. At least three plants in a room is sufficient, and these plants will naturally absorb toxins and convert CO2 to oxygen. Also Himalayan crystal salt lamps or candle holders, aromatherapy diffusers, beeswax candles, sage incense, and bamboo charcoal clean the air fairly well. It's also important to  minimize use of chemical products especially home cleaning supplies.


2) Limit exposure to light pollution from compact fluorescent lights CFLs (which contain toxic mercury and other carcinogens, cause "dirty electricity", emit flickers which cause neurological disturbances, contain high amounts of sleep disrupting/melatonin suppressing blue light, and dangerous levels of EMFs). Hazardous EMFs from CFLs can cause headaches, chronic fatigue, tinnitus, respiratory problems, gastric problems, sleep disorders, skin problems, and even cancer. LED lights are also harmful to the health for similar reasons. LED street lights can also be used for surveillance. Use the safe inexpensive clear incandescent light bulbs at home which were banned a few years ago, but can still be found easily especially online. Or full spectrum lights which simulate natural sunlight with its full spectrum of frequencies and colors thus providing healthy lighting. They are used in Scandinavia to treat depression. If using the computer at night, use freeware programs like flux to automatically calibrate the computer or device display's color temperature to the time of the day, or adjust your device setting to reduce the blue light. You can also use blue-light blocker glasses.


3) Limit exposure to EMFs (non-ionizing radiation/ electro-magnetic fields/ electrosmog from: electric fields. magnetic fields, RF radio frequency fields, and dirty electricity) and their harmful health effects from electronic devices (like tv/computer/laptop, microwave, appliances), communication devices (like Dect cordless home phones, baby monitors,  cell phones, wireless devices, smart meters), power lines, cell phone towers, geopathic stress zones, water pipes, transport vehicles (like hybrid and electric cars), home wiring, and compact fluorescent lights CFLs (as mentioned above). Smart meters (and here), also known as "spy and fry" meters, are a major EMF health threat that has been deployed worldwide. In addition to the microwave radiation, they create dirty electricity in the house wiring. Learn how to refuse a smart meter or replace it yourself.

Also, the commercial 5G rollout (and here, here, and here) that is being rolled out quickly now (2018-2019), without any safety testing, both worldwide (and here) and from space for faster communication and the 'internet of things' smart grid (and potentially for mass surveillance and as a directed energy weaponized AI-run active denial system) will have serious health effects (and here) and interfere with weather forecasts. It is NOT an upgrade from 4G, but a fundamentally different system. It will start with the lower microwave frequencies of 700Mhz - 6 GHz, which can still be measured by current meters, and be ramped up to the higher millimeter-wave MMW frequencies of 24/30 GHz - 300GHz. Learn how to take legal action in your community against 5G here, here, and here (at the InPowerMovement). A much safer, faster, cheaper, more secure, reliable, and energy-efficient alternative is the wired fiber optic systems.

EMFs affect the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems, and because they affect many vital systems at the same time, they cause multiple and wide-ranging symptoms (more evidence of 5G harm here and here). For example, they suppress pineal gland activity and reduce melatonin production thus disrupting the bodies circadian rhythms. They also suppress the parathyroid gland activity thus disrupting calcium ion regulation leading to weaker cell membranes and negatively impacting the muscles, bones, and nervous system. More people worldwide are becoming electro-sensitive (and here) due to overexposure. The 1996 US Telecommunications Act  took away state and local government's right to limit wireless technology and antennas on health or environmental grounds. The World Health Organization admitted in 2011 that EMFs are possibly carcinogenic (cancer causing). Because much scientific research proves EMFs are a health hazard (high health risk), just like smoking cigarettes, insurance companies exclude coverage for EMF radiation.

Protecting yourself from EMFs is important. Keeping a safe distance from an EMF source is best or use shielding (and here) like fabrics, films, paint, canopies, etc. especially in the sleeping area. Use wired connections instead of wireless when you can. An EMF meter kit (includes an EM meter, RF meter, and dirty electricity meter), also found here, is necessary for checking if EMF levels at a certain location are safe and to check shielding effectiveness. You can check the sounds of common EMF sources here. It's best to be a few meters away from an internal RF source at home and greater than 300 meters away from an external RF source outside the home like a cell phone tower. Long-term frequent use of cell phones, for example, can cause cancer so limit your cell phone use, and use headphones or the speakerphone whenever possible. Keep the cell phone at a safe distance from your body at all times (at least 15mm as mentioned in all phone manuals) especially when you sleep, and in 'airplane mode' when not in use. Earthing or grounding regularly in a safe environment is helpful in addition to the many health benefits it offers. Using certain EMF protection devices, orgonite, or shungite (which do not shield, but may harmonize) may or may not be helpful, so they're best used with other types of protection and basic precautions. The harmful effects of EMFs are cumulative over time. You can read more about reducing EMF exposure here.

Heavy metal detoxification (since heavy metals are like mini-antennas in presence of EMFs), healthy fats especially saturated fats and foods high in B vitamins (to maintain physical integrity/fluidity of protective cell membranes and nerve insulation and myelination), magnesium (esp. threonate form), sunlight and CoQ10+PQQ (for mitochondrial health), and medicinal mushrooms (like reishi, shitake, mitake, chaga, and lions mane) and their extracts help protect the body from the harmful effects of EMFs.


4) Limit exposure to noise pollution by reducing exposure to man-made noises and by listening to relaxing music, sounds of nature, or peaceful silence :) Use ear plugs when exposed to loud noises.


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